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20 BidPack

20 BidPack

20 BidPack
20 BidPack
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20 BidPack
Final Auction Price:
This auction ended  
Retail Value:
Bids Used:
- ₦100.00
1 Real/0 Token:
Auction Price:
- ₦0.01
Winner Savings:
Buy It Now (BIN)
You’ve spent some Bids on an item and decide you would like to put your money towards purchasing the item instead? Say no more – Buy It Now (BIN) to the rescue! BIN lets you pay the difference between the Retail Price of the item you’re bidding on and the amount of Real Bids used on said item.

To take advantage of this feature, place at least ONE Real Bid on the item. The value of Real Bids used on that particular auction item will be applied towards your BIN price. You can BIN during the auction and up to 24hrs after the auction ends. Please note that stock is typically limited. Happy Bidding!
Buy It Now (BIN): Offer Expired i
Offer valid for 24hrs after bidding and while stock lasts
Retail Price:
Real Bid Used:
- ₦0
Real/ Token:
Discount: NaN%
1 in stock
1 in stock
Type: Bid Type: Manual Bid
Resident of: Warri, delta
Status: la
Manual Bid
20 BidPack.

Never miss out on a hot deal because you’re out of bids. BidPacks are your bidding power on, so #StayStrapped. Keep your wallet full - win some bids today. Your bids are topped up as soon as you pay the final price of your win.

All BidPacks won by bidding are Token Bids. Learn the difference between Real and Token bids here.
Sorry, nothing to see here. This auction has ended, so there are no active bidders. Byeee!
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